Kaua'i Natural Artesian Water

Kaua'i Natural Artesian Water

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Kaua'i natural artesian water is naturally alkaline with an average pH of 7.9 and is also naturally enhanced with many life-enhancing minerals.

Naturally Enhanced with Electrolytes and Naturally, Alkaline Lava filtered —rainwater from Mt. Wai‘ale‘ale is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of lava rock as it makes its way down deep into the Earth in protected confined aquifers. The pure pristine water picks up the signature minerals and alkaline pH in the lava rock that gives it a unique refreshing, “wet” sweet taste. Naturally alkaline pH of 7.9 —one of the highest of all-natural island waters. Natural antioxidant to help rid the body of free radicals to enhance the immune system and neutralize acidity caused by stress and pollutants.

Size: 33.8 oz.

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